RoboKiller is Now Available on Android


Android users can now download RoboKiller in the Google Play Store.

We’re excited to announce that Android users can now get the best robocall blocking app to stop the onslaught of harassing calls and get revenge on spammers.

Our goal has always been to protect every smartphone user from robocalls that annoy and scam innocent people. Bringing our award-winning call blocking technology and Answer Bots to the Android platform is a major step toward that end.

Answer Bots on Android

RoboKiller for Android extends the powerful impact of Answer Bots, time-wasting bots users love. After automatically blocking hundreds of thousands of robocalls and telemarketers from ever ringing on Android phones, Answer Bots will answer those unwanted calls and get to work.

With a powerful army of spam-fighting robots at your disposal, Answer Bots attack every spam caller who calls a phone protected by RoboKiller. These smart bots, powered by audio fingerprinting and machine learning technologies, find the humans behind robocalls and waste their time with zany, crazy, rude, and hilarious recordings of their own.

Users can pick specific Answer Bots, choose a random selection, or even create and share Answer Bots of their own.

With Answer Bots, every RoboKiller user makes an impact in the fight against robocalls. Last month Answer Bots stole 50,000 hours of time from the human spammers bombarding our phones.

Now that RoboKiller is available on Android, this powerful weapon will waste even more time from scammers.

Protecting Every Smartphone User’s Privacy

Like its iOS counterpart, RoboKiller for Android stands guard day and night, protecting against neighbor-spoofed calls, political robocalls, scam calls from phony IRS agents, and more. Powered by the same technologies that were awarded first prize in the FTC’s Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back competition, RoboKiller for Android will help users take back control of their phones once and for all.

Ready to join the RoboKiller army?

Head to the Play Store to download RoboKiller today.

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