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Reclaim your phone from robocallers, telemarketers, spam texters, and scammers with Robokiller’s advanced spam-blocking features — and help create a world without spam in the process.

Call blocking algorithm

Unlike other services, Robokiller uses a predictive spam call blocking algorithm that proactively analyzes an incoming spam call before it rings your phone, and identifies whether it’s spam in less than a millisecond.

That means peace and quiet for you, because spam calls won’t even reach your phone.

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Robokiller screenshot displaying a list of available answer bot recordings.

Answer Bots

Get robocall revenge™ with the help of our Answer Bots, hilarious spam-call-fighting bots that give scammers a taste of their own medicine by wasting their time.

The more scammers are tied up, the less they can scam others, and the less money they make. So when you enable Answer Bots, you’re not just getting robocall revenge™ for yourself — you’re also protecting others.

Choose your favorite Answer Bot voice — from Ice T, Kermit the Frog and more — or even create your own. Then, share your favorite recordings and listen to other user-submitted recordings on RoboRadio.

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Audio fingerprinting

Our patented audio-fingerprinting technology is what makes Robokiller so unique — and more effective than any other service on the market.

We create a record of a robocaller’s unique audio recording and check it in real-time against similar fingerprints in our global database. This means we can shut down any phone scam in seconds for all customers, even if scammers are spoofing their phone number.

We believe we have to address the root problem — the scammer behind the phone call — to effectively solve the robocall problem. We are the only solution doing this at scale.


Robokiller offers the most customizable call blocking available out there.

  • Want Robokiller to be more or less aggressive in blocking spam calls? Set your preferred level of call blocking.
  • Spam Patrol: Train our algorithm to be smarter about the way you want to receive good phone calls over time, and help protect others from dangerous scams.
  • Pause and schedule call blocking when you’re expecting an important call.
  • Set phone number range blocking to reduce the number of spoofed spam calls you get.
  • Optional call screening will pre-screen safe but unknown phone calls. Our AI assistant answers the phone and asks unknown callers to introduce themselves and their reason for calling. You’ll get a transcript of this interaction in real time and can decide whether to answer.
  • Customize block/allow lists.
  • Choose your favorite Answer Bots to waste scammers’ time, or create your own.

Spam text blocking

Spam texts are a growing problem: Americans received over 225 billion in 2022 alone, a new yearly high.

Our spam text blocking feature is 99% effective at stopping unwanted messages from reaching your phone — the most effective solution available.

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Robokiller Radar screen displaying call blocking activity relevant to the user.


Be a vigilante and track emerging scams in your area with our Radar feature. When you opt to join our Spam Patrol, you can be part of the solution to robocalls by protecting yourself and others from dangerous phone scams.

Robokiller customers who submit spam reports help keep everyone safe by training our algorithm to block these unwanted calls.

How it works

Spam Text Blocking RobokillerSpam Call Blocking Robokiller
Spam Text Blocking RobokillerSpam Call Blocking Robokiller

Consumer benefits

The power is yours

With Robokiller, you’ll eliminate 99% of spam calls and texts (and get a little poetic justice against the robocallers with our Answer Bots). But the benefits extend far beyond just that.
Loss prevention

Loss prevention

Our technology can help prevent the average loss of $1,400 per scam (as estimated by the FTC).
good calls only

Good calls only®

With Robokiller, you can finally trust that when your phone rings, you can safely answer and live life spam-call-free™.


Robokiller lets you take back control over who calls you, and how and when you want your calls blocked.
served justice

Served justice

Get robocall revenge™ with our team of hilarious spam-fighting Answer Bots and give scammers a taste of their own medicine.


Everyone deserves relief from the threat and distractions of unwanted messages. Breathe easier knowing Robokiller has your back.


Our community of more than 800,000 Robokiller users hate spam calls and texts just as much as you, and together, our Spam Patrol is helping to solve a real problem.

Join us in the fight against spam.

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