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Phone lockscreen showing notification alerting that a spam call has been blocked with the option to tap the notification to listen.App call log detailing answered calls, blocked spam calls, and voicemails.Screenshot of application displaying customizable call blocking preferences.Screenshot of Robokiller's Radar screen showing call blocking data.
Identify robocalls with Spam Caller ID.
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When a call matches one of the numbers in our CallKit spam list, we'll warn you and show you what type of scam it is. You decide if you want to ignore the call or not.

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Decide who can and can’t reach you.
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With Robokiller Free, you decide which callers to put on your personal blocklist. Once you put them there, they'll never reach you.

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Train Robokiller to get even smarter.
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Protect yourself and others from dangerous phone scams by reporting scammers and robocallers to us.

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Know which scams to look out for.
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With Robocall Radar, see which scams are on the rise in your area to stay safe from emerging threats.

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Block & Allow lists
Spam Patrol
Robocall Radar
Spam call blocking
Identify spam calls;
decide whether to answer
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Automatic, Al-powered 99.9% effective spam call blocking
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Global phone scam blocklist
Access Robokiller's
spam identification database
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Automatically block calls from over 1 billion known scammers
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Spam text blocking
Call blocking customization
Call Screening
Answer Bots
Audio fingerprinting

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Award-winning spam blocking

Robokiller was named the best solution to robocalls by the FTC.

Trusted technology

More than 12 million people have downloaded RoboKiller to keep them safe from spam.

Digital zen

You'll rest assured knowing you're protected from over 1 billion scams.

Tools to fight back

Waste scammers' time and resources with hilarious Answer Bots.

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