Everything You Need to Know Before You Download a Robocall Blocker App

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Here’s Why Downloading a Robocall Blocker App is the ONLY Way to (Seriously) Stop Robocalls

If you have a robocall problem, you’ve likely looked into a robocall blocker apps as a solution. Robocalls, whether they are legal or illegal, are difficult to effectively stop. Because of this, robocall blocker apps can provide real value in many ways.

The phone network is a complex web of carriers and solutions providers, making it difficult for most providers and government organizations to find and punish those who break telephone communication laws. Though this unfortunate truth is frustrating, you can take matters into your own hands and make a big impact in the fight against robocalls by downloading a robocall blocker app.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • Why a robocall blocker app is valuable in the fight against robocalls
  • What you should consider when looking for a robocall blocker app that’s right for you
  • Why other solutions to stop robocalls are ineffective
  • The benefits of downloading a robocall blocker app on your smartphone

Why Downloading a Robocall Blocker App is the Best Solution to Stop Robocalls

Downloading an app to block robocalls on your iPhone or Android smartphone is the most effective solution to dealing with your robocall problem because it puts the power in your hands. Not only do robocall blocker apps let you determine what calls you believe to be spam (spam calls can come from people you know, too!), it creates a nationally sourced database of prominent phone scammers & phone criminals. If every single mobile phone owner used a robocall blocker app such as RoboKiller, you’d know exactly who was a spam caller every single time the phone rang. Spam & robocallers wouldn’t stand a chance!

The FTC states that call blocker apps can give you the ability to:

  • Prescreen your calls before your phone rings
  • Block certain types of calls, including calls that others have flagged as fraudulent or unwanted calls
  • Block anonymous calls that show up as “Unknown” callers

Source: FTC – Apps to Stop Unwanted Robocalls

What to Consider When Looking for a Robocall Blocker App That’s Right for You

There are a few call robocall blocker apps out there on the Google Play or Apple App Store. Many are free apps that provide limited call blocking services and spam protection. Other call blocker apps are paid subscriptions, of which typically provide more extensive functionality in managing and stopping your robocall problem – permanently.

When deciding whether or not to purchase a call blocker app or download a free one, our advice is simple. You get what you pay for. If you’d like to get your feet wet by trying a free app first, then it is realistic to expect limited protection from robocalls & spam calls. If you’ve ever been a target or fallen victim to phone scams, you understand there is no price for a sense of security when you answer the phone. Therefore, we recommend purchasing an app to provide the tools you need to truly stop your robocall problem.

When evaluating a robocall blocker app that best fits your needs, make sure to also take a look at each app’s compatibility with both your smartphone’s operating system  (Android or iOS) and phone service carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile). Many times, apps may only support iOS or Android or have challenges with pre-paid phone carriers due to technological challenges. Make sure to look for compatibility for both operating systems and phone carriers in the App Description on the Google Play or Apple App Store or by looking on the robocall blocker app’s website.

Why Solutions Other Than a Robocall Blocker App are Ineffective

At RoboKiller, we get a lot of questions as to why solutions other than purchasing a robocall blocker app are ineffective in the fight against robocalls. The solutions that most commonly come in question are:

  1. Solutions Offered by Phone Carriers & Service Providers
  2. Manual Phone Number Blocking on Apple or Android
  3. The Do Not Call Registry
  4. Reporting Robocalls to the FTC

While some of the well-known recommended solutions to stop robocalls can definitely help reduce the amount of unwanted robocalls & spam calls you receive – the unfortunate truth is that they were not designed to effectively combat you robocall problem. Here’s a bit more detail as to why that’s the case:

Solutions Offered by Phone Carriers & Service Providers

There are four basic reasons why phone companies have not done much to provide good in call blocking solutions to their customers. They can be summarized as follows:

    1. Money. Understanding the economics of spam calls is the first step in solving the problem. Placing phone calls is inexpensive for telemarketers and spammers; they can make millions of illegal calls at little cost and with almost no risk. Unfortunately, phone companies make money when they connect these calls to your phone. So unless their competitors are offering a better solution to stop nuisance calls, carriers have little incentive and plenty of money to lose by investing money in preventing these calls.
    2. Regulations. Telecommunications is highly regulated by the government to create competition and fairness, but this also slows down innovation and reduces the risks carriers are willing to take.
    3. It is not an easy problem to solve. The phone network is a complex web of carriers and solutions providers. Without cooperation, it is difficult to stop these calls; especially from calls originating overseas. Phone
    4. Apps like RoboKiller Exist. Because the spam call problem is expensive and complicated to solve, most phone carriers leave it to the professionals to solve. This is simply because apps such as RoboKiller have already mastered the inner workings of effective spam call blocking, so why would they want to invest in a solution?  

New laws and new cooperation between the government, telecom companies, and third party providers are hoping to improve the telemarketing and robocall situation, but it’s unlikely to be available to the public anytime soon.

Manual Phone Number Blocking on iPhone or Android

Back before robocall blocker apps became popular – nearly everyone we knew used manual phone number blocking on their iPhone or Android. They’d receive a sketchy or unwanted call, and block the phone number using their phone’s default settings. People would keep hundreds of phone numbers in their phone’s blocked list – and still receive anywhere from 1-5 robocalls per day! Doesn’t seem to be an effective solution, huh?

Many believe that blocking the number they received a phone call from will stop the caller from ever reaching their phone again. However, there are two problems with this solution, depending on what caller ID the caller is calling from:

  • Blocked, No Caller ID, or Unknown Calls. If you have an ex you’re looking to forget – what is almost always the first thing you do? Block their phone number. Though we’ve all heard of exes trying to contact their previous partners through XBox game messaging, Comcast Xfinity Center Messages, among other crazy communication channels – there is a simpler way. Calling from a blocked number. If your phone harasser realizes they’ve been blocked, all they need to do is add *67 before your phone number and viola! You’re back to square one with your phone spam problem.
  • Random Phone Numbers. Most times, if callers do not want to get caught they’ll call you from a spoofed phone number. A spoofed phone number is a number that is shown on the caller ID that is not the actual phone number that the caller truly called you from. Spam callers almost always call you from spoofed numbers because spoofed calls are nearly untraceable, making the call blocking on your smartphone obsolete. Each time you block a phone number, it will stop that phone number from calling you again – but won’t stop the spammer from calling from a different phone number.

For those who are really fed up with spam calls, another common recommendation is to set your iPhone or Android to only receive phone calls from numbers saved in your Contacts. Many  accomplish this by following the below steps:  

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Do Not Disturb
  2. Toggle Manual ON (green slider) to enable Do Not Disturb (DND), or schedule a time for DND to automatically switch on
  3. Tap “Allow Calls From”
  4. Select “All Contacts”

As you might imagine – this solution may help to reduce the unwanted robocalls you receive, but also make it impossible for any person calling from an unsaved phone number (doctor, school, pharmacy) to reach you. Going phone-call-less is not as easy as it seems!

The Do Not Call Registry

If you receive unwanted spam and telemarketing calls, it’s likely that you’ve received a recommendation to register your mobile and landline phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, a national list of phone numbers who do not wish to receive telemarketing solicitations. You’ve also likely been let down when you receive spam calls days, minutes, or seconds later. Some people even complain that registering their phone numbers on the Do Not Call List actually makes their spam problem worse – but the concept has never been proven.  

While registering your phone number on the Do Not Call List will certainly reduce the amount of legal robocalls you receive – it simply was not designed to combat the 65% of robocalls that are considered illegal scams (and likely fraudulent). This detail about the Do Not Call List is not widely known by most affected by spam calls – so share the wealth of knowledge if you can!

Now, it’s not to say we don’t recommend taking any stop possible to stop unwanted spam calls. We do recommend registering on the Do Not Call List if you don’t want to receive legal telemarketing calls, but do not recommend you or your loved ones rely on the Do Not Call List as the all-encompassing solution to stop robocalls.

Filing a Complaint with the FTC

Even the FTC will tell you, filing a complaint about a phone scammer, harasser, or telemarketer will not stop them from calling you again. In short, sending a report to the FTC is like being a good samaritan in the fight against unwanted calls and phone harassment because it helps the FCC analyze trends in scam artists, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Robocall blocker apps are immensely valuable in these situations, as they protect consumers from continuing to receive robocalls and the serious threat of phone scams. If the caller continues to harass you over the phone, robocall blocker apps will also help to provide further evidence of the caller’s offense and help you get the justice you truly deserve.

Source: Robocalls Demystified

The 5 Major Benefits of Downloading a Robocall Blocker App

At RoboKiller, we hated robocalls so much we invented an app to stop them, for good. During the process, we discovered these 5 major benefits of using a robocall blocker app as the best solution to stop robocalls once and for all.

  1. You Give Phone Scammers & Robocallers the Revenge They Deserve
  2. You Don’t Have to Change Your Phone Number (Or Throw Your Phone Out the Window)
  3. You Save Time, Money, and Protect Your Personal Identity
  4. You Decide What Calls You Receive and Don’t Receive
  5. Downloading a Robocall Blocker App Actually Makes a Difference in the Fight Against Robocalls


You Give Phone Scammers & Robocallers the Revenge They Deserve

Illegal phone scammers are pretty horrible people. We feel we have a right to say that because we’ve analyzed hundreds of thousands of their calls. Have a family member in the hospital? They’ll call you pretending to be the hospital collection agency. In an area devastated by a terrible hurricane? They’ll call pretending to be from FEMA. Have an older family member who lives alone? They’ll send hundreds of spam calls to their landline phone because they think the elderly are more gullible. The list could go on forever.

Previously, thanks to phone spoofing, it’s been impossible to get the revenge on spam & robocallers you truly deserve. However, there is one app designed to go beyond blocking spam & robocalls – but drain their time and resources at the source.

RoboKiller’s Answer Bots are hilarious pre-recorded bots who actually answer your spam calls for you. Answer Bots trick scammers and robocallers into thinking they’re talking to you – wasting seconds, minutes, even hours on the phone. It is estimated that for every one second that is drained by Answer Bots, nearly 3,000 people do not receive a call they otherwise would have per second! That may not seem like a lot considering how many billion robocalls are placed per month, but as RoboKiller continues to grow into the hundreds of thousands of users – robocallers are in some serious trouble.

You Don’t Have to Change Your Phone Number (Or Throw Your Phone Out the Window)  

Another common solution to fight against spam callers or phone harassment is to change your number entirely. This can be costly and annoying to do, as it not only requires you to call your phone service provider to change your number – but also to inform those you care about, work with, or need to communicate regularly with. Not to mention, changing your phone number is also the luck of the draw – you may get a recently used phone number that had the same issue with spam calls!

Many people also look into options to go entirely phone-less, especially when their robocall problem is with their mobile phone number. At RoboKiller, we see countless reviews and social media posts about people who spent hours looking for solutions to remove the call option on their smartphones before trying a robocall blocker app instead. Heck, even Ed Sheeran did it!

You Save Time, Money, and Protect Your Personal Identity

Phone scams are a very serious problem. Each year, consumers in the United States lose millions of dollars to phone criminals and elaborate phone scams such as the IRS Robocall Scam. Scammers have no regard for your personal well-being – and are just looking to rob you blind in whatever way they can.

It is speculated that 1 out of every 10 people are at risk of losing an average of $430 on a phone scam. Many believe downloading a robocall blocker app is equivalent to downloading anti-virus software on your computer. This is specifically because a robocall blocker app will not only allow you to keep a personal blacklist of numbers you want to block, but will also flag incoming spam or fraudulent calls to ensure you don’t answer the phone and put yourself at risk of becoming a victim to phone scams.

As an added bonus, by using a call blocker app you help the fight against spam calls. Many call blocker apps use their database and user’s blacklists to learn from scammers, and are quickly able to alert you about the latest phone scams before the scammers even know they’re being watched! With apps like RoboKiller, there is nowhere for these spammers to hide.

You Always Know Who’s Calling, Even When You Don’t Recognize the Phone Number

Scam callers get smarter each and every day. They’ve become so smart that they now call from area codes similar to your phone number, tricking you into thinking these calls are from your doctor, pharmacy, or school district. Because of this, we’ve become less trustworthy of unrecognized phone numbers – and therefore miss important calls. But what if there was a way to always know who’s calling?

Some call blocker apps will also provide Caller ID services – most of which scrape national databases and social media profiles to associate the person to the phone number. When you receive an incoming call with RoboKiller, you get the person’s phone number, address, and even photo if their information is publicly available. That way, you can always answer the phone with confidence.

To Conclude, Robocall Blocker Apps are Awesome for Many Reasons

To summarize, robocall blocker apps are an excellent solution to your robocall problem. Their benefits range anywhere from saving the hassle of changing your phone number, getting revenge on the scammer who stole your time, money, or personal identity, to always knowing who is calling.

If you’re now on Team Robocall Blocker App after reading our post, then we’ve done our job correctly. It may seem biased, but we know through experience that downloading a robocall blocker app is the only solution to equip you with the tools you need to protect yourself from the dangers of phone scams & fraud. Robocall blocker apps are truly the anti-virus for your smartphone phone calls. We recommend you and your loved ones download one today!

RoboKiller is the #1 App to Take the Fight to Robocallers & Scammers

We highly recommend signing up for RoboKiller as the best solution to stop robocalls for good. RoboKiller is the only robocall blocker app that allows you to take the fight to robocallers & scammers. Beyond offering the most effective spam call protection, real-time caller identification, and blacklist/whitelist functionality, RoboKiller also allows you to get revenge on spam callers using Answer Bots, hilarious pre-recordings that keep spam callers on the phone for hours. What better way to fight robocalls than with robocalls!

RoboKiller is an easy investment to ensure your privacy and personal information is protected from annoying spam calls. Join the fight to stop spammers for good, all while enjoying a spam call free smartphone!  

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