Robocall Problem Status: Epidemic

October 2018 U.S. Robocall Data

5.36 billion robocalls were made in October 2018. That's nearly 21 spam calls for every person.


Robocalls per week


Robocalls during weekdays


Robocalls during weekends


Total Robocalls per day


Total Robocalls per minute


Total Robocalls per second

Top 10 Area Codes Flooded by Robocalls

These are cities scammers, robocallers, and telemarketers targeted the most in October 2018.

Area Code City Spam Calls
1 214 Dallas, TX 104,424,974
2 512 Austin, TX 83,737,345
3 832 Houston, TX 73,174,014
4 210 San Antonio, TX 72,078,420
5 817 Fort Worth, TX 70,598,174
6 404 Atlanta, GA 68,817,502
7 310 Los Angeles, CA 64,364,827
8 281 Houston, TX 56,872,078
9 713 Houston, TX 56,600,832
10 702 Las Vegas, NV 53,600,549
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RoboKiller’s Impact on the Fight Against Phone Spam

RoboKiller is solving the robocall epidemic by combining machine learning algorithms with Answer Bots that answer spam calls, driving scammers crazy and putting them out of business.

Spam Calls RoboKiller Blocked in October 2018


Spam Phone Numbers on RoboKiller’s List


Spam Calls RoboKiller Blocked Per Person


Spammer Time Answer Bots Wasted in October 2018

0 hours

Total Spammer’s Time Wasted in 2018

0 hours
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