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95% of consumers have personal data exposed online. With personal data protection, you can remove it from data broker sites. Download Robokiller to find your exposure.

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of consumers have personal data exposed online.


times per year a consumer's data will reappear, even if they've deleted it.


websites store a single consumer's data, on average.


pieces of data are available on the average consumer.

Safeguard your sensitive data

Help protect your identity

Chances are, you’re among the 95% of consumers that have their personal information on the web, putting you at risk for identity theft. Robokiller helps eliminate this threat by scrubbing the personal information that's already out there and removing it again if it pops back up.

Stifle scammers

Scammers use your sensitive data to carry out phishing attacks and impersonation scams. They also use names, addresses, and other unique identifiers to obtain unauthorized access to bank accounts and credit cards. Help eliminate the possibility of getting scammed by removing your personal information from the web.

Regain control

Only one person should dictate what personal information is available online about them and that’s you. Scammers, fraudsters, and advertisers can't exploit personal information they don’t have access to.

Reclaim your privacy

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How it works

  1. Robokiller scans data broker sites across the web to identify where you’ve been mentioned.
  2. Robokiller verifies it’s your data and helps remove it from the
  3. Robokiller provides ongoing protection by scanning the web and removing new exposures.

The Robokiller difference

Scam protection

Robokiller's predictive technology identifies and blocks 99% of unwanted calls and texts.

Customizable features

Robokiller gives you the tools to eliminate spam. Customize them to meet your specific needs.

Answer Bots

Get robocall revenge™ with Answer Bots that answer scam calls and waste scammers’ time.