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Go Ahead, Answer That Call

No one deserves to be harassed by phone scams and telemarketers. RoboKiller automatically blocks over 1.1 million spam numbers so the only calls you get are the ones you want.

Answer Bots

Get Even With Spammers. It’s Fun!

Answer Bots answer your spam calls, driving telemarketers crazy. The last laugh is yours when you hear the recordings and you’ll feel great knowing you’re putting them out of business.

Waste Scammers' time

Answer Bots automatically answer calls that RoboKiller blocks

Get Your Revenge

Listen to the conversations and share with friends

users love robokiller

"I just love this app. This is my first day of using it and it’s already blocked 5 pesky insurance calls in the last 30 minutes that I kept telling to quit calling me. You don’t even hear the phone ring. I love it!!!!"

"My little robots are always on the job.Love this phone application.Thank you for such a great product."

"Saved me from answering hundreds of nonsense calls. This is a wonderful app. And the support team is excellent."

"It doesn't just block the robocalls it also records the interactions with their pre-recorded messages. Very funny. I had a problem setting this up and their tech support was very helpful. Overall five stars!"


Neighbor Spoofing Meets Its Match

Many robocalls imitate your local number - it’s called neighbor spoofing. RoboKiller knows the difference between spammers and your family, even the annoying ones...


Personalized For Your Personal Life

Personalized Block and Allow lists give you ultimate control. If we block a number that you want to hear from, one tap tells RoboKiller to let them pass.


Stop Spam Texts Before They Start

If you haven’t gotten a scam text message yet, you will soon. Robocallers are moving to SMS messages in droves. Don’t worry, though! You’re already covered with RoboKiller.

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Become a RoboKiller, Make a Difference

When you join RoboKiller, you’re helping free the world from telemarketers and dangerous scams. Together, we can make a BIG impact in stopping robocalls, for good.

Every RoboKiller user has a BIG impact on the fight against spam and robocalls.

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