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Introducing the solution to unwanted calls, from the team that brought you 99.9% effective spam call blocking.
Avoid never-ending games of phone tag
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The pain of missing unknown but important calls is real. So is the frustration of returning a call only to reach someone's voicemail. RoboKiller's Caller ID eliminates phone tag friction, so you'll always get the information you need when you need it.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions
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Struggling to get things done amid an avalanche of calls? Tired of picking up the phone, thinking it might be something important when it's not? RoboKiller's Caller ID removes useless distractions in your day, so you can get more done.

Unlock opportunities
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Let's face it: Being available is key to maintaining relationships and getting ahead in your career. Don't allow your distrust of spam calls to impact the way your friends and colleagues see you. RoboKiller's Caller ID ensures you'll be perceived as available.

Remove human error from the equation
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Humans aren’t 99.9% accurate at anything, including spam call identification. Scammers are counting on you being human, but our machine-learning spam fighting technology is here to keep you safe, because everyone needs help sometimes.

Caller ID? Meet caller justification.

Take the calls you want, block the ones you don't.

How it works

Ignoring calls from unknown numbers is one way to fight spam calls. Swearing off technology altogether is another.

But you don't need to take such drastic steps.With RoboKiller's Caller ID, you'll know exactly who's calling and whether it's someone you want to talk to.

When a call comes in, we'll let you know who it is and the reason why they're dialing you, so you have all the information you need before you pick up.
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Spam callers are counting on you being human

Let our intelligent AI spam fighting tech work for you.

The RoboKiller difference

Award-winning spam blocking

Need more from your Caller ID? RoboKiller blocks your spam calls with 99.9% effectiveness.

Automatic scam protection

With RoboKiller, you're automatically protected against over 600 million scams and counting.

Defense against financial loss

The average person loses $1,400 per scam call. With RoboKiller, you won't be another statistic.

We're only human. Let the robots fight the spambots.

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