The 5 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Receiving a Spam Call

Waiting by your phone for an important call – we’ve all been there. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting a job offer, curious if your date from last weekend will call you back, or need to know if the offer on your dream home was accepted, receiving phone calls are a necessary form of communication in daily life.

In today’s world, receiving a phone call can feel like a big deal. Why call when you can text, right? The increase in the popularity of texting has made calling more crucial to delivering important information or big news. This also makes it increasingly necessary for us to understand who’s calling. However, as most have likely experienced, not all calls we receive contain that big news or crucial information. These calls are most commonly known as spam calls.

As many times as we’ve all received a call with news that made our day, we’ve also all been disappointed by answering that unexpected telemarketer or robocall. It’s exciting, frustrating, and frightening—all at the same time. For us, the stages of receiving a spam call unfold in five steps. Since we’re guessing we’re not the only people who ride this emotional roller coaster, we thought we’d share them with you.

Stage One: Excitement

Oh wow, it’s happening…someone is calling me. Do I pick up? How do I pick up, I can’t remember. What was this person’s name again?

Stage Two: Confusion

How could this have possibly happened to me? How did this person get my number? I didn’t enter to win a free cruise? Does this company really need my social security number and credit card information?

Stage Three: Disappointment

This is just my luck, life is so unfair! I’ll never get these 2 minutes out of my life back.

Stage Four: Anger

I cannot believe I fell for Mike from Tech Support calling me about a problem with my Microsoft computer I don’t even own. How dare he call me during my very busy day! 

Stage Five: Revenge

……and I will block you.

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