Spam Calls Decreased in December 2019, Brace Yourself for January!

Spam calls decreased in 2019, reaching American consumers 4.17 billion times, which is actually far less than the 5.18 billion unwanted calls mark we saw in November. However, while the spam call decrease in December 2019 is a huge drop from the record 5.6 billion robocalls we saw in October, the reality is that the telemarketing problem is not going away. Despite the recent passage of the anti-spam call Pallone-Thune TRACED Act and this short term decline in total robocalls, the overall trend is still moving upwards; if history repeats itself, consumers are likely facing significantly more spam calls in January. 

RoboKiller expects January to deliver a spike in the range of the 11% increase in spam calls reported a year ago on our RoboKiller Insights page. Unfortunately, the spam call decrease in December 2019 is unlikely the result of telemarketers feeling compassion during the holidays. More likely, it just reflects a natural slowdown as companies, and even some spammers, shut down or slow down for the holidays.

Even as we saw spam calls decrease in December 2019, Texas and California were the two states hit hardest by robocalls. This is not a surprise as they were the two states most impacted by spam calls last year. With large populations and easily targeted cities, they will likely continue to be inundated by annoying robocalls for the foreseeable future.

The two most common spam calls made to Americans during the holiday season were car warranty extensions and credit card offers. Credit card spam calls are always popular, but car warranty extension spam calls tend to be more aggressively marketed by telemarketers during winter months when older cars are more likely to break down. Despite the spam call decrease in December 2019, these calls harassed and annoyed millions of Americans.

Fortunately, RoboKiller can stop these extended warranty robocalls as well as other telemarketing calls that interrupt our lives. Using machine learning and audio fingerprinting to block unwanted calls, RoboKiller is able to put Answerbots to work to combat spammers, scammers, and telemarketers. These robots, which talk back to spammers, wasted 1.6 million hours of spammers’ time in 2019. 

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