Political Robocalls: The Crash Course to Stop Unwanted Campaign Calls

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Tis the season! Not that fun one, though. Political robocall season is upon us.

Politics are a sensitive subject these days. It can be hard to avoid the conversation. To make matters worse, political figures have implemented a new strategy to get their campaign messages to us directly – political robocalling.

Political figures and parties can choose whether or not to use political robocalls to boost voter outcomes. However, recipients who do not want to receive political robocalls do not have the option to easily unsubscribe.

Political robocalls can be difficult to stop if you are sick of getting bombarded by political campaigners because they are one of three types of robocalls that are considered legal by the US Government. If you want to stop political robocalls, you must take matters into your own hands and download a robocall blocker app, such as RoboKiller. 

In this post, you will learn how you can fight back against the flood of annoying, unwanted political calls from every side of the aisle.

What are political robocalls? Are they legal?

A political robocall is a phone call that is associated with a political campaign using a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot.

Though they are regulated by the US Government, political robocalls are one of three types of robocalls that are considered legal. For more information about the rules and regulations of political campaign robocalls, visit the FCC’s website here.

But, just because political robocalls are legal, does not mean that you want to receive them or cannot stop them from reaching your phone.

As you’ll learn later in this post, there are limited ways to opt out of receiving unwanted political robocalls – unless you take matters into your own hands.  

Is there anything you can do to stop political robocalls?

If you want to stop receiving political robocalls, there is good and bad news. The bad news is that there is limited protection offered by the US Government to stop unwanted political robocalls.

This is primarily because the Do Not Call List, a national list of mobile and landline phone numbers that have opted out of receiving legal telemarketing calls, does not protect its registrants from unwanted political robocalls. What does that mean for you? If you don’t want to receive political robocalls, registering your phone numbers on the Do Not Call List will be entirely ineffective. 

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The good news is that political robocalls can be stopped, once you get over your anger and frustration at the government for allowing this annoyance and control over your telephone lines.

The best solution to stop political robocalls is to download a robocall blocker app such as RoboKiller. Robocall blocker apps allow you to manage which calls you consider spam, and always know who is calling when your phone rings. 

Download a political robocall blocker app to stop political robocalls.

Downloading an app such as RoboKiller to block political robocalls on your smartphone is the most effective solution to dealing with your robocall problem because it puts the power in your hands. You determine what calls you consider to be spam and what numbers are allowed to reach your phone.


Not only do robocall blocker apps give you the power to determine what phone calls you believe to be spam, they create a nationally sourced database of prominent phone scammers and phone criminals. If every single mobile phone owner used a robocall blocker app like RoboKiller, you’d know exactly who was a spam caller every single time the phone rang. Spam and robocallers wouldn’t stand a chance!

What to Consider When Looking for a Robocall Blocker App That’s Right for You

There are a few robocall blocker apps out there on the Google Play or Apple App Store that can stop political robocalls. Many are free apps that provide limited call blocking services and spam protection. Other call blocker apps offer paid subscriptions, which typically provide more extensive functionality to stop your robocall problem.

When deciding whether or not to purchase a call blocker app or download a free one, our advice is simple. You get what you pay for. If you’d like to get your feet wet by trying a free app first, then it is realistic to expect limited protection from robocalls & spam calls.

If you’ve ever been a target or fallen victim to phone scams or have been bombarded by political robocalls, you understand there is no price for a sense of security when you answer the phone. Therefore, we recommend purchasing an app to provide the tools you need to truly stop your robocall problem.

How to stop political robocalls on your smartphone

You don’t need to know how to hack the government’s computer systems to learn how to stop political robocalls on your smartphone. It’s actually quite simple!

Follow these steps to effectively stop political robocalls on your smartphone.   

  1. Go to the Apple App Store  
  2. Search for “RoboKiller”, Tap “Download”
  3. Open the RoboKiller App
  4. Select the Green “Continue” Button
  5. Enter Your Mobile Phone Number to Begin Activation

stop political robocalls

Call Blocker Apps Remove the Politics from Your Relationship with Your Smartphone

To conclude, robocall blocker apps are an excellent solution to stopping unwanted political robocalls – especially considering the current state of politics in the United States.

Though it’s frustrating that political robocalls seem to be the exception to many robocall laws and regulations, downloading a robocall blocker app such as RoboKiller will remove the politics from the relationship between you and your smartphone.

RoboKiller is the #1 App to Take the Fight to Robocallers & Scammers

We highly recommend signing up for RoboKiller as the best solution to stop unwanted political robocalls for good. RoboKiller is the only robocall blocker app that allows you to take the fight to unwanted callers – even political campaigners!

Beyond offering the most effective spam call protection, real-time caller identification, and blacklist/whitelist functionality, RoboKiller also allows you to get revenge on spam callers using Answer Bots, hilarious pre-recordings that keep spam callers on the phone for hours. What better way to fight off robocalls from your opposing party than with robocalls of your own! 

RoboKiller is an easy investment to ensure your privacy and personal information is protected from annoying spam calls and political robocalls. Join the fight to stop spammers for good, all while enjoying a political-robocall-free smartphone!

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