What Happens When There Are 1 Million RoboKillers


Someday in the future, sitting around a holographic fireplace or commuting in a flying Uber, someone will ask,

“Remember when we used to get those calls that tried to trick us into giving them money?”

That’s what we long to hear. But that’s not today. That future is still far, far away.

There’s no mistaking that right now. At this very moment, the spam call problem is a national epidemic. It’s a virus, rapidly leeching off victims and moving on to the next one.

No matter what profession you have, which neighborhood you live in, what generation you belong to, or the state of your family, nearly every person is at risk under an oppressing 4.5 billion robocalls and spam calls made to mobile phones each month.

And that’s just in the United States.

The brewing war for privacy

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Telemarketing calls have been around forever,” you’re right… mostly. Telemarketing started picking up steam in the 1980s, but since then both legitimate businesses and scammers have found ways to pick up the tempo and bypass government control.

Telemarketing and robocalls are like persistent ants invading a kitchen pantry. No matter what legislators did to stop these kinds of calls, spammers and scammers either found another way around or simply continued without fear of the consequences.

Today, there are 2,726 spam and robocalls made every second.

That comes out to 163,548 spam and robocalls made every minute.

How many each day? We’ll do the math here. It’s 118,000,000 every day.

The reason for this is simple. Robocall economics work in the scammers’ favor. In fact, robocallers enjoy nearly 2,069% annual profit margin from their scam call efforts!

One thing is clear. This problem won’t be stopped by a single person. There is no Superman in this fight. It’s going to take an army to kill off the robocalls.

An army of RoboKillers.

Enough is enough. It’s time to end robocallers.

At RoboKiller, we believe everyone deserves a world free from annoying and dangerous spam calls. We’ve realized the only real way to make this a reality is to go beyond call blocking and drain what spam callers value the most – their wallets.

To do this, we want to empower over 1 million people to become RoboKillers.

Together, an army of RoboKillers will eat away at spammers’ time, resources, and profit margins until it no longer makes sense for them to steal from people over the phone.

Every RoboKiller has a big impact on the fight against spam and robocalls. On average, each RoboKiller user…


Stops 216 spam calls from ringing each year


Saves $43 in prevented losses from phone scams per year


Wastes 100 minutes of spammers’ time via Answer Bots per year


Costs an extra $37 to spammers per year

The impact of 1 Million RoboKillers

What happens when RoboKiller hits 1 million users (that is, when the RoboKiller army reaches 1 million strong)? When that happens, phone scammers, telemarketers, and robocallers are in severe financial trouble.

Here’s what an army of 1 million RoboKillers can accomplish:

216,000,000 spam calls blocked per year.

18,000,000 spam calls blocked per month.

3,000,000 minutes wasted per year.

$80,000,000 that scammers, spammers, and robocallers will never get.

That’s right! 1,000,000 RoboKillers = $80,000,000 in projected annual losses.

*** To see the full impact robocalls have in the United States and how RoboKilllers can stop the problem together, take a look at Robocall Data Tracker. ***

Where do we go from here?

As of now, we’re almost 10% of the way to 1 million RoboKillers. To those who have already joined the fight against robocalls, spammers, and scammers, we salute you.

The future we believe everyone deserves – the one free from annoying and defrauding robocalls – still hangs in the balance, but we’re working hard to turn it into a reality.

Which side of history will you be on? The one that took a stand against phone scammers and ended robocalls. Or, the one that watched as the robocall virus created an uncertain future.

The RoboKiller army needs you. Will you join?

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