Spammed by a Local Call? Here’s How to Stop Neighbor Spoofing

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As apps like RoboKiller get better and better at blocking unwanted spam, telemarketer, and robocalls, it only makes sense that the bad guys would get more sophisticated as they try to separate you from your hard-earned dollars. One of the latest scams is the Local Call scams, which is technically known as the NPA-NXX scam. Let’s take a look at how that works.

Back in the time before mobile phones (really, there was one), phone numbers were given out on a local basis.  Just by looking at a phone number it was easy to associate a rough location with the number.  So if your phone number was 203-950-2317, anyone could guess that your 203 area code (“NPA” in phone speak) put you in Connecticut, and your 950 local exchange (“NXX” in phone speak) put you in a specific Connecticut town.


This is still true today to some extent, but as area codes and exchanges get crowded, and as people move between cities while keeping their old numbers it is becoming less exact. So, if your area code is 908 and your local exchange is 555, your NPA-NXX would be 908-555. Psychologically, when we see an unidentified, incoming call from a number that starts with the same six digits as our own, we are much more likely to answer it – after all, it’s from the same neighborhood as us, it could be my kid’s school, the doctor or another important call that we don’t want to miss. But that psychology is the exact thing that the spammers are taking advantage of in this new scam.

The way it works is that the spammers use call spoofing technology to call your phone while showing a phone number that appears to be from your specific NPA-NXX (609-555 in this example), in hopes that they will trick you into answering it. Often enough, it works, because people would rather take a chance at dealing with a spammer than missing an important, local call. This can put you in a pretty tricky predicament, but don’t worry: RoboKiller has you covered. Let’s dig in.

One way to block these robocalls is simply to block all calls from your NPA-NXX, and yes, that will do the trick. But it’s also like squashing an ant with a sledgehammer: too much tool for the job, very messy, and there is probably going to be some serious collateral damage, like missing really important, legitimate calls that do share your NPA-NXX. So, what to do? Wouldn’t it be great if you could block these calls based not just on the phone number, but by knowing what is happening in the actual call?

With RoboKiller you can! RoboKiller uses a highly sophisticated (and also patented and award-winning) Audio Fingerprinting system that actually analyzes the audio of every single spam call – because while the numbers may be spoofed, the actual call is almost always the same if it is a robocall or even a call center somewhere in another country. We use this “fingerprint” to tell you if the call is from a good guy or a bad guy – regardless of the phone number it appears to be coming from. What that means to you is that we can tell you which NPA-NXX calls are the ones you want and which you don’t – a sniper rifle instead of that sledgehammer. Best of all, this feature is in RoboKiller today (and actually has been there all along) so there is nothing you need to do except sit back and know that with RoboKiller you are getting the industry’s best annoying and unwanted call protection. 

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