Don’t Expect Fewer Spam Calls from the Do Not Call Registry

Don’t Expect Fewer Spam Calls from the Do Not Call Registry

Don’t Expect Fewer Spam Calls from the Do Not Call Registry

4.5 billion robocalls were made in June 2018. That’s nearly 18 robocalls for every person.

It’s not hard to understand why robocalls were the number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission in 2017. A grand total 7,157,370 complaints were made against robocallers and telemarketers. Despite this, the robocall epidemic is getting worse.

Luckily, there are solutions to help you fight back against the surge of intrusive, annoying robocalls.

In this post, we will address why registering for the Do Not Call List won’t help your spam call problem, and highlight better methods you can use fight back against the flood of unwanted robocalls.

Here’s why the Do Not Call List is ineffective.

You should absolutely take steps to prevent unwanted calls; just don’t expect fewer spam calls because you signed up for the Do Not Call Registry. So why should you sign up for it? Because it will reduce the number of legal calls from telemarketers.

I know you are mad the FCC and the government don’t just stop these annoying robocalls and telemarketers, and I know you probably think the Do Not Call Registry doesn’t work and is a waste of time. But that is likely because you have been misinformed as to what the Do Not Call Registry is and does.

When the Do Not Call Registry was launched in 2003 it became a huge media story, but unfortunately the reality of the stories just didn’t line up with what was actually being offered. The Do Not Call Registry is a list of people that have opted out of telephone solicitations from legal, registered businesses. Legal, registered businesses are required to honor this list. In fact, they have to purchase access to this list if they want to sell their services by telephone. And they do! Legal, registered businesses honor the Do Not Call Registry every day, but the call that interrupted your dinner last night wasn’t from a legal, registered business, and the Do Not Call registry cannot and will not protect you from those calls – ever.

The bad actors, are:

A) Not going to register their businesses — When you are a crook, it’s usually a terrible idea to tell a government agency that you are crook and you plan to steal from people.

B) Not going to pay to not call you — Remember, legitimate businesses have to pay for access to the registry. Crooks steal money by making calls to you, not by paying for a service that stops them from calling you.

C) Hiding in the shadows — You can’t shut down their phone numbers because they will just use another number, you can’t arrest them because they live in foreign countries and are nearly impossible to find, and you can’t expect the government to just make it stop because if it was that easy they certainly would.

So what should you do?

  • Get on the Do Not Call Registry — If you don’t want solicitations from legal businesses this will help a little bit.
  • Do not answer calls you don’t recognize — With RoboKiller you will recognize almost every call you get, but without RoboKiller’s protection the only way to win is not to play. So don’t answer the calls.
  • Warn your family members about the dangers of phone scams — the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Make sure this is a topic you discuss with your family and friends.
  • Get RoboKiller — There are many services that fight spam, but RoboKiller is the most comprehensive and effective. Because RoboKiller learns and updates constantly, it blocks more than 200,000 calls from ever ringing for users, plus it also shows you exactly who is calling for the numbers it does not block. RoboKiller also wastes spammers’ time, by playing hilarious Answer Bots that keep the creeps on the line and engaged. This ultimately will help put them out of business by draining the time and monetary resources required to spam phone lines.


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