April 13, 2022

How to Stop Spam Calls on Your Business Network

How to Stop Spam Calls on Your Business Network

The spam problem is massive, and at one point or another it affects just about every person who owns a phone. Spam calls and texts waste people’s time and often steal their money with clever (or even not-so-clever) ruses. But what happens when these spam calls infiltrate your organization’s voice network?

Today, business networks of all sizes are inundated with spam calls. The ongoing robocall problem has become so widespread and relentless that it begs the question: Can companies do anything to stop the madness?

Fortunately, the answer is yes — but not without help from spam-blocking professionals. Sign up for RoboKiller Enterprise and keep reading to learn how to stop spam calls on your business network.

The spam problem explained

The spam problem in America continues to run rampant, with over 72 billion spam calls placed in 2021 alone — a figure that translated to more than $30 billion in losses. These calls make their way across corporate networks all day, every day. 

Businesses get many of the same types of spam calls that everyday people get, like car insurance scams, fake vacations, and warnings from imposter government agencies; but they also get spam calls that are directed at the business itself. Spammers might target businesses with bogus threats about removing listings, demand proof of ownership of the company, or otherwise solicit information that they can then use to access and tamper with company accounts. In either case, the issue creates serious consequences for unsuspecting victims.

You can ill-afford for your business network to be open season for these calls. The good news is, with the right tools, you can fight back against scammers and protect the integrity of your network. Robocall mitigation solutions are key to fortifying your robocall defense.

The importance of robocall mitigation

A fully developed robocall mitigation program does the heavy lifting to protect your voice network. With one, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fewer spam and scam calls
  • Less time and energy spent on low-value prospects who are unlikely to convert
  • Increased trust in your voice network

More productivity and fewer distractions are the results of a successful robocall mitigation program, but how is one put together? Let’s take a look.

Elements of a robocall mitigation program

Every voice service provider (VSP) needs a robocall mitigation plan in order to comply with FCC standards and prevent spammers from originating unlawful and dangerous robocalls. This type of program can take many forms, but it typically contains some combination of the same components. Here’s an overview of some of the most important ones.


When spammers are caught, their numbers are added to a blocklist. Calls to and from these numbers are automatically blocked, squashing spammers’ ability to run their schemes. Although blocklists are effective for blocking individual numbers, it’s important to realize that spammers can easily acquire new ones, so they are not an all-encompassing solution.

Caller ID reputation

A robocall mitigation program might also include caller ID reputation, which analyzes the respectability of any given phone number. The RoboKiller Enterprise Command API rates each phone number as positive, neutral, or negative, so it’s easy to tell whether or not you should bother with specific callers. Caller ID reputations come from real-time customer feedback; the more feedback a number has, the more accurate the reputation score. With RoboKiller Enterprise, you’ll benefit from over 3 billion calls analyzed and over 600 million scammers identified.

Dynamic traffic analysis

Another way robocall mitigation programs identify and restrict spammers is through dynamic traffic analysis. This process looks for patterns in activity associated with a number. High call rates and low call durations, for example, suggest the number may be involved in spam activity and should be avoided.

Call screening

Taking caller ID one step further, call screening lets you know who is calling and why. Call screening slows down spammers and shuts down robocalls with roadblocks like verbal CAPTCHAs. Time is (other people’s) money for spammers, and screening calls can help interrupt their efforts.

Caller ID lookup

RoboKiller Enterprise gives you access to a massive database, so you can look up any numbers that you find potentially suspicious. Then you can use this data to decide whether or not you want to communicate with a given number going forward.

Robocall mitigation programs are a necessity in the age of spam, and the specific type of system you employ makes all the difference. The right program covers your voice network from every angle and conforms to fit your call volume and specific needs.

Benefits of Robokiller Enterprise

All phone users benefit from robocall mitigation programs, but businesses that operate on large voice networks generally have more assets to worry about than individuals do. You need a robocall mitigation program that suits the specific demands of your company, which means having access to all of the above elements and more. 

These are just a few of the benefits that RoboKiller Enterprise has to offer:

Protect your voice network

Built on robust data, RoboKiller Enterprise is able to identify scammers before they wreak havoc on your business network. With 99% effective spam identification, you’re protected from bad actors.

Buy your ideal program

Even for the tech-savvy, building a robocall mitigation program can be a tall order. It requires a ton of time, energy, and resources, as the program must be built and tested before it can go live. These processes take the focus off of other projects you’ve got in the works, delaying your progress and perhaps preventing you from reaching your benchmarks as you had set them. Most importantly, if you don’t have the help of the experts, your robocall mitigation program might not even work.

If you try constructing your own program and it doesn’t go according to plan, you might have to shell out more money as you course correct — and if things take a real turn for the worse and the project falls apart, you may be forced to buy in after all.

The reality is that you get what you pay for, and if you try to build instead of buy, you might get nothing in the end. When you hire professionals, on the other hand, you can expect professional results. You get to retain your peace of mind, and your team gets to continue working on what it does best: moving your business forward.

Scale your coverage

As your network expands, your coverage will have to expand along with it. RoboKiller Enterprise makes it easy to do just that, ensuring that you get the same level of coverage from your company’s infancy through its legacy. The system is just as easy to integrate at any stage in your journey, and you’ll always have the full support of our team along the way.

How Robokiller Enterprise works

The Command API helps businesses recognize when they’re being targeted by a spammer and prevents robocalls from getting through. We supply your dashboard with all the information you need to know about who is trying to reach you, based on real-time feedback from our users and database.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Classification: We categorize any given call based on how we would handle it, using the simplest possible distinction: block or allow.
  2. Reputation: Each number receives a reputation of positive, neutral, or negative, based on real user feedback.
  3. Confidence: More insight equals greater confidence; we let you know how sure we are about classification and reputation based on the amount of data available.

Comprehensive coverage with Robokiller Enterprise

RoboKiller Enterprise allows you to concentrate on what matters without wasting time on or being distracted by spammers. It also assists VSPs in staying up to FCC code and complying with the STIR/SHAKEN framework.

With the Command API, you’ll enjoy:

  • Phone number reputation data in real-time or in bulk
  • 99% effective spam identification
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and audio fingerprinting technologies
  • A database of over 600 million known scammers and 3 billion calls analyzed

Experience the benefits of Robokiller Enterprise for yourself by requesting a demo today.

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