Active spam-blocking
Protection for your company phone networks
Robokiller Enterprise provides spam call protection for your workforce so your teams can be rid of spam and focus on what matters to your business.
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Supporting many major CPaaS platforms
TwilioInteliquentAvayaPlivoCarrier X
Robokiller Enterprise CPaaS unlocks lost time by stopping scammers and 99% of spam.
With the powerful force of predictive AI, our technology can identify and stifle scammers in less than .01 second.
How Robokiller Enterprise CPaaS works
Robokiller Enterprise reviews phone numbers to determine quality.
If the number appears risky, our system answers the call and uses our proprietary audio fingerprinting software to match with spam identified numbers.
Scammers’ and spammers’ calls get stopped, and new ones can’t get past us by simply changing their numbers.
Protect your phone lines the new-fashioned way…
Integration setup in less than 20 minutes
Real-time scam call data pulled from 2+ million Robokiller subscribers
The ability to import and manage allowed numbers (so you don’t miss any good calls)
Self-managed control of all settings through Robokiller
Get the calls you want, block the ones you don’t
Read more about our call-blocking solution for company phone systems and call centers.
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Robokiller Enterprise SIP
Robokiller Enterprise SIP is deployed as an active SIP-based network element either through the cloud or an on-premise Docker container. Being SIP compatible it requires virtually no telephony components as long it has network access to Robokiller’s cloud endpoint.
The call blocking solution for any industry
Public Sector
financial services
Travel + Hospitality
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