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Robokiller's API solutions


Our SMS spam protection harnesses machine learning to accurately assess threats based on phone number history and user-contribution data.


Through our caller ID reputation API, set parameters to find out more information about a particular phone number.


In less than 5 seconds, Robokiller checks incoming audio against data from 600M phone numbers and user feedback reports to determine if the call is spam.

SMS scam protection API

Robokiller's API analyzes texts in in real-time to prevent scam and spam smishing attacks

Robokiller Enterprise delivers SMS reputation data through our powerful API to eliminate text spam

SMS Reputation API

Call spam protection APIs

Block phone call spam and spoofs with Robokiller's APIs

Robokiller's call blocking API solutions defend your businesses from spoofs - fake callers who deliberately falsify information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity - and spam phone calls.

Phone call reputation API

For networks that want seamless call spam protection API integration

Spam blocking based on phone number history, machine learning, and user data

API dashboards give users insight into usage, spam stats, and event data

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Audio fingerprinting API

For networks that want to protect their landlines from incoming phone spoofs

Robokiller examines and scans audio from incoming calls

Our proprietary technology determines if the call is spam

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