The ultimate solution for blocking
spam calls & texts

Say goodbye to unwanted calls and texts with Robokiller's advanced spam-defeating technology. Learn how to block robocalls and robotexts with our award-winning app.

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Live life spam call and text free with Robokiller

Robokiller is the best app for blocking unwanted messages of all kinds. Our award-winning app uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to stifle scammers and put an end to your spam problem.

Spam calls blocked
Spam texts blocked
Losses to fraud prevented

Block spam calls

Keep 99% of unwanted spam calls at bay with Robokiller's fully customizable call-blocking technology.

Choose the level of protection you want
Waste scammers’ time
with hilarious Answer Bots
Pause call blocking if you’re expecting an important call
Create custom block/allow lists
Screen unknown callers
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Block spam texts

Robokiller's advanced technology also protects you from 99% of spam texts.

Quickly identify and block unwanted messages from unknown numbers
Customize who you do and don’t want to hear from
Report scammers to us (we’ll add them to our global blocklist to keep everyone safe)
Keep your inbox free from unwanted spam messages
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Why a spam blocker app is a must-have

Every day, scammers and telemarketers place tens of millions of unwanted calls and texts. Spam blocker apps like Robokiller are designed to put an end to the madness.

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, Robokiller neutralizes well-known and emerging scams alike before they ever reach your phone.

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463K Ratings
I went from getting 30 spam calls per day to zero thanks to this app. It really works. Saved my sanity!
Sue Hornung
5 star rating
Since I’ve installed this app I have been saved from many stupid annoying calls. Thank you
k amanda
5 star rating
I can finally rest without annoying calls and spam messages
5 star rating
I use to get 15 to 20 calls a day from telemarketers, now I don't get any.
Pam Kitchings
5 star rating
All i know is my phone isnt ringing off the hook anymore.. Amazing thank you
vinita sappington
5 star rating
By far the best app I’ve ever used to block unwanted calls and texts.
5 star rating
I would not have believed an app could be so awesome at ending annoying calls! But you did it!
Hooti hoot!
5 star rating
Spam calls were MAKING ME CRAZY! It is AMAZING how well Robokiller works!
M Christensen
5 star rating

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