March 14, 2022

How to stop spam texts from emails

How to stop spam texts from emails

Spam can come from anywhere; every day, digital junk mail floods people’s devices with spam phone calls, texts, and emails. No longer limited to the world of snail mail — the original home of the spam folder — email addresses now roam the airwaves alongside phone numbers, with the ability to make and receive phone calls and texts. The bad news? This adds another hue to the chameleon that is the spam problem.

The good news, on the other hand, is that there are ways to protect yourself from scams, spams, and shams; but it’s up to you to learn them. Knowledge is power, and in this case, power is privacy, so download the Robokiller spam blocker app and keep reading to find out how to stop spam texts from emails.

What is a spam text through email?

An unknown number showing up on your phone often indicates that someone wants to warn you about a non-existent car insurance policy or otherwise scam you out of your privacy, money, and time. But sometimes that type of unwanted contact doesn’t come from a phone number at all.

Any email address can be used to send a call or text message. Texts and calls that originate from email addresses can seem just like their more traditional counterparts, with the exception of the way the contact appears. Unfortunately, this makes spam texts through email just as dangerous as any other kind of spam.

How bad is the problem?

Spammers aim to infiltrate people’s privacy in the most efficient manner possible, and they use a range of methods to flood the most popular channels. They go where the action is, and right now, that’s in our text inboxes. 2021 saw spam texts outnumber spam calls for a second straight year, this time by a margin of 87.8 to 72.2 billion. According to Robokiller, texts from email addresses accounted for 5.4 billion, or 6% of all spam texts in 2021.

Email has become a convenient way to use calling and texting services without needing a cell phone or even a phone number. On top of free access to these direct lines of communication, email also allows scammers to create an unlimited amount of (also free) accounts — so getting blocked on one is no big deal.

With the dominance of text messaging in full swing and spam texting following suit, we can expect to see spam texts from emails on a regular basis moving forward. However, you can avoid these interactions by keeping yourself off of scammers’ radars.

How are scammers getting my info?

Unwanted communication is an invasion of your privacy, but how do the invaders get your phone number in the first place? Often, scammers acquire your contact information from third party data providers when you:

  • Call an 800, 888, or 900 number
  • Call a business (they have caller ID)
  • Register to vote
  • Donate to charity
  • Apply for credit
  • Make an online purchase
  • Enter a contest
  • Sign up for a mailing list

This list is by no means exhaustive, as scammers come up with new ways to track down phone numbers every day. Be careful when you engage in a transaction with someone you don’t know or fill out a form that asks for contact information, and always avoid giving out any more details than you have to.

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What should you do about spam texts?

If endless spam texts have you pulling your hair out, you’ll be happy to know there are ways you can fight back. Use these techniques to fend off telephonic intruders and download a spam blocker app like Robokiller for full coverage against hackers and spammers.

Refrain from responding

A spam text might end with something like “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”, but beware that scammers use this type of language to deceive their targets into responding to them. Don’t respond to a text if you don’t think it’s legitimate, and never follow the links in them — they could download harmful malware and other viruses to your device.

Block the sender

You can also keep spam texts from email out of your inbox by blocking individual senders. Here’s how to do so on Android and iPhone.


  • Open the messaging app
  • Access your messages with the sender you want to block
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Tap “Block Contact” (you can also delete the conversation from there)
  • Select “Block” to confirm


  • Open Messages
  • Tap the conversation with the sender you want to block
  • Tap the contact icon at the top
  • Tap “info”
  • Tap “Block this Caller” at the bottom
  • Tap “Block Contact” to confirm

This method is effective for blocking individual contacts, but all spammers have to do to get around it is make a new email address. With the right spam blocker app, however, you can fend them off before they even get to you.

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Download Robokiller

The right spam text blocker app makes a world of difference, and it’s called Robokiller. Here’s how to download and activate Robokiller for the iPhone (text blocking capabilities coming soon to Android):

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for Robokiller and tap the “Download” button
  3. Begin setup by opening the Robokiller app
  4. Press “Continue” and enter your mobile phone number
  5. Go to “Settings” and then select “Enable Spam Text Blocking”

Why do you need Robokiller?

Robokiller has been at the forefront of spam protection since the beginning, and the app continues to provide people with the most cohesive strategies to fight back against spam calls and texts. Here are some of the features that make Robokiller the top choice for anyone with a phone:

  • Audio fingerprinting technology that protects against caller ID spoofing
  • An ever-expanding database of known scammers (we know who to block so they can’t reach you)
  • Personalized call blocking
  • Full protection from spam calls and texts
  • Hilarious recorded conversations between spammers and Answer Bots

Proven strategies yield expected results. Robokiller isn’t the only spam blocker app, but it is the most dependable. These are just a few of the highlights:

  • 99% effective spam text blocking for iPhone (coming soon to Android)
  • $11 million in consumer losses prevented by text in 2021
  • $400+ million in total consumer losses prevented to date

Drown out the spammers and take back your privacy when you download the Robokiller app to your iPhone or Android. Experience all the benefits yourself at no cost during your FREE 7-day trial!

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