May 25, 2023

How to block spam texts from emails

How to block spam texts from emails

These days, spam can come from just about anywhere, as digital junk mail constantly floods people’s devices in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails. No longer merely the modern alternative to snail mail — the original home of the spam folder — email addresses now roam the airwaves alongside phone numbers, with the ability to make and receive phone calls and texts. Unfortunately, this adds another hue to the chameleon that is the spam problem.

The good news, however, is that there are ways to protect yourself from scams, spams, and shams that try to steal your personal information. Knowledge is power, and in this case, power is privacy, so download the Robokiller spam blocker app and keep reading to find out how to block email text messages from spamming your phone.

What is a spam text through email?

An unknown number showing up on your phone can mean various things. It could be a warning about a fake package that wasn’t delivered or a scam that targets your privacy, money, and time. But sometimes that type of unwanted contact doesn’t come from a phone number at all.

Any email address can be used to send a call or text message. Texts and calls that originate from email addresses can seem just like their more traditional counterparts, except the contact information displays an email address instead of a phone number. Unfortunately, this versatility makes text messages from email addresses just as dangerous as any other kind of spam.

How bad is the problem?

Spammers aim to infiltrate people’s privacy as efficiently as possible, which means they go where the action is; Right now, that’s in our text inboxes. 2022 saw spam texts outnumber spam calls by the widest margin yet: 225+ billion to 78+ billion. This explosion in spam texting cost American consumers over $20 billion in losses in 2022 alone, with many of these text messages coming from email addresses.

Email has become a convenient way to use calling and texting services without needing a cell phone or even a phone number. On top of free access to these direct lines of communication, emails also allow scammers to create unlimited amounts of (also free) accounts. Since fraudsters can easily make more and more email addresses, being blocked on one is no big deal.

With the dominance of text messaging in full swing and spam texting following suit, we can expect to see spam texts from emails on a regular basis moving forward. However, you can avoid these interactions by learning how spam texts from emails work and using that information to spot them before they can do any harm.

How email spam text messages work

Email addresses can be used just like phone numbers, so it wouldn’t be unusual for a friend to send you a text from their iCloud email address. Although this is convenient for everyday users, it’s even more convenient for spammers who want to send out as many texts to as many people as quickly as they can.

Sending a text message from an email address to a phone number is simple; The only difference is you type in a phone number (and its gateway) instead of another email address. You don’t even need your email address to be associated with a phone number, meaning anyone can send a text from an email address, even without a phone or a voice service provider. Sometimes you might find yourself added to a group spam text that includes dozens of unknown email addresses and phone numbers.

This is an especially dangerous tool for cybercriminals because email addresses can be virtually untraceable, and scammers can make as many new addresses as they need over a very short period of time. 

How are scammers getting my info?

Unwanted text messages from any medium are an invasion of your privacy, but how do the invaders get personal information like your phone number in the first place? Often, scammers acquire your contact information from third party data providers when you:

  • Call an 800, 888, or 900 number
  • Register to vote
  • Donate to charity
  • Apply for credit
  • Make an online purchase
  • Enter a contest
  • Sign up for a mailing list

This list is by no means exhaustive, as scammers are always looking for new ways to track down phone numbers. Be careful when you interact with someone you don’t know or fill out a form that asks for contact information, and never give out personal details over the phone unless you’re sure you trust the person on the other end.

What should you do about spam texts?

Spam texts from emails (or anywhere else) can be both annoying and dangerous, but there are ways you can fight back. Use these techniques to fend off digital intruders and download a spam blocker app like Robokiller for full coverage against hackers and spammers.

Don’t respond

Much like legitimate subscriptions and even political campaign messages, spam texts might end with something like “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” Spammers have adopted the same language, but remember that they use it to deceive their targets into responding to them. This means replying “STOP” might only serve to let them know your number is active. 

Don’t respond to a text if you don’t think it’s legitimate, and never follow the links in them. Some may send you to fake versions of trusted websites and ask for your login info, while others automatically download harmful malware onto your device.

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Create rules and filters

What you can do is set your inbox to automatically sort out spam messages. This will put suspicious messages into a separate folder, preventing potential landmines from hiding out among legitimate conversations with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Here’s how to filter spam texts from emails on your Android phone:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Tap your account icon in the upper-right corner
  3. Tap Messages settings
  4. Select Spam protection
  5. Toggle Enable spam protection ON

And here’s how to stop email texts from spamming your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Messages
  3. Under MESSAGE FILTERING, toggle Filter Unknown Senders ON
  4. Under SMS FILTERING, select SMS Filter
  5. If you want to turn off notifications for unknown senders, scroll back up and tap Notifications
  6. Tap Customize Notifications
  7. Toggle Unknown Senders OFF

Now all messages from senders outside of your contact list will be sorted into a separate folder, and you won’t receive notifications. You can access this folder by tapping Filters at the top-left corner of your Messages app and selecting Unknown Senders.

Block email text messages

Additionally, you can keep email text messages out of your inbox by blocking the sender when you get a suspicious message. Whether it’s a dangerous phishing attempt or an annoying political message, blocking the sender will prevent them from contacting you again — from that address. Read ahead and learn how to block email text messages on your phone in several ways.

Blocking email text messages on Android devices

Here’s how to block email texts on Android phones:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Select the conversation, including the spam text
  3. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Tap Details
  5. Tap Block & report spam

For Samsung Galaxy users, the process is slightly different:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Tap the spam text conversation
  3. Tap the email address at the top of the screen
  4. Select Block

Blocking email text messages on iPhone

This is how to block email texts on iPhone using the default messaging app:

  1. Open the Messages app
  2. Select the spam text
  3. Tap the Contact bubble at the top of the screen
  4. Tap Info
  5. Tap Block this Caller
  6. Tap Block Contact

While these steps will block individual email addresses from contacting you again, the downside is that it only works after you’ve already been contacted. Additionally, the same scammer can still contact you from a different email address.

Blocking email text messages via your phone carrier

Certain phone carriers also offer options for blocking text messages from email addresses, which you can get to online:


  • Sign in to My Verizon
  • Go to AccountMy PlanBlocks
  • Click Block services and select your device (if you have more than one)
  • Click Emails & Domains
  • Click Block all text messages sent from email (alternatively, you can enter individual (up to 15) email addresses or domains)


  • Access AT&T Messages (sign up for an account if you don’t already have one)
  • Log in to your account (after entering your registration code if it’s your first time)
  • On the next screen, you’ll see Blocking Options under Preferences
  • Select Block all text messages sent to you as email and Block all multimedia messages sent to you as email

Using a third-party spam text blocker

Although your phone itself and the network that carries it may offer options for blocking email text messages, there’s no better solution than a third-party spam text blocker like Robokiller. While other spam blocker apps like Hiya, Truecaller, and Nomorobo have made headlines themselves, no app compares to Robokiller and its comprehensive features. Thanks to a combination of experience, intuition, and predictive technology, Robokiller remains the gold standard of third-party spam text blockers.

Here’s how to download Robokiller:

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Search for Robokiller and tap the Download button
  3. Begin setup by opening the Robokiller app
  4. Press Continue and enter your mobile phone number
  5. Go to Settings and then select Enable Spam Text Blocking

Additional tips for blocking email text messages

Like any other type of spam, spam texts from email addresses can be incredibly dangerous and should be ignored, blocked, and reported. Keep the above methods in mind as we look at a few more tips on how to block email text messages on your devices.

Mark as spam

When you get a suspicious text message from an unknown sender on your Android phone, don’t hesitate to mark and report it as spam. From your inbox, long-press the message and tap the icon that looks like an octagon with an exclamation point in it. From there, simply tap Report Spam or check the Report spam box and tap OK.

The iPhone also makes it easy to mark and report spam messages from your inbox. When you get a spam text from an email address, you’ll see an alert (just below the body of the message) that the sender is not in your contact list and a prompt to report the text. Tap Report Junk to delete the message and report it to your carrier as spam.

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Utilize Do Not Disturb mode

In addition to helping you stay focused on work or sleep through the night, Do Not Disturb mode can help you keep text spam from email addresses out of your phone.

On the iPhone, go to Settings and tap Focus. Tap Do Not Disturb, and from there you can customize your notification options, set a schedule, and determine who can and cannot reach you while Do Not Disturb mode is active.

For Android users, open Settings, tap Sound & vibration, then tap Do Not Disturb. You can customize your settings under What can interrupt Do Not Disturb.

Block individual senders on your phone

If you want to block an email address that’s already in your contacts list, you can do so from your address book instead of going through your messaging app.

On iPhone, open your Phone app to access Contacts and select the contact you’d like to block. Scroll down and tap Block this Caller, then Block Contact to confirm.

On Android, open Contacts and tap the number you want to block. Tap More, then Block Contact, and Block again to confirm.

Why Robokiller is your best option

Knowing how to block email text messages helps keep your inbox clear of spam, but the right spam blocker does the heavy lifting for you. Robokiller has been at the forefront of spam protection since the beginning, and the app continues to provide people with the most cohesive strategies to fight back against spam calls and texts. Here are some of the features that make Robokiller the top choice for anyone with a phone:

  • Audio fingerprinting technology that protects against caller ID spoofing
  • An ever-expanding database of known scammers
  • Personalized call blocking
  • Full protection from spam calls and texts
  • Hilarious recorded conversations between spammers and Answer Bots

Proven strategies yield expected results. Robokiller isn’t the only spam blocker app, but it is the most dependable. These are just a few of the highlights:

  • 99% effective spam text blocking
  • $23+ million in consumer losses due to text scams prevented in 2022
  • $600+ million in total consumer losses prevented to date

Fight back against spam and reclaim your phone

The spam problem is dangerous and annoying, but with a little help, you can live spam-call-free™. Download Robokiller today and enjoy a 7-day free trial that helps you take back your privacy and restore your peace of mind.


What is a spam text through email?

Any email address can be used to send a text message. Texts from emails can look just like a normal text message, except for the fact the sender’s address is an email not a phone number. Nowadays, scammers often send fraudulent messages via this medium in hopes of stealing information and money.

Why am I getting spam texts from email addresses?

Email addresses can be used like phone numbers, and spammers use them to send scams targeting people’s personal and financial information. This is an especially dangerous tool for cybercriminals because email addresses can be virtually untraceable and there’s no limit to how many addresses scammers can create.

What are the potential dangers of receiving spam texts from email addresses?

Scammers who send texts from email addresses are generally after your personal information and/or your money. If you don’t recognize the scam, the effects can be devastating. That’s why it’s important to download a spam text blocker like Robokiller, which eliminates 99% of unwanted text messages.

How can I stop email spam texts?

There are several things you can do to stop spam texts from emails — create filters on your iPhone or Android, block suspicious senders, and mark and report them as spam, to name a few. However, the best thing you can do to stop email spam texts is download Robokiller, which automatically protects you against 99% of unwanted text messages.

What features does Robokiller have to protect against unwanted texts from emails?

Robokiller is built on machine learning and AI that accurately predicts and stops spam texts from emails from reaching your phone. The app also maintains an ever-expanding database of scammers that it blocks automatically. Robokiller prevented $23 million in losses to text scams in 2022.

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