May 4, 2023

Uncovering the threat: Understanding what spam risk calls are

Uncovering the threat: Understanding what spam risk calls are

In today's technologically advanced world, spam risk calls have become a persistent nuisance for businesses and individuals. Spam risk calls are unwanted and sometimes illegal, ranging from unsolicited telemarketing efforts to scammers and robocalls. These intrusive calls not only disrupt daily operations, but they can also pose severe threats to the security and privacy of businesses. Thus, spam call solutions are needed for small businesses.

What are spam risk calls?

Spam-risk calls are unwanted, illegal, or abusive calls. They can range from unsolicited telemarketing calls all the way to scammers and robocalls. Individuals and companies can make spam risk calls of all sizes to major corporations.

You may have received spam risk calls in the past from companies that sell insurance or other products that you don't need or from scammers who use fake names and numbers to try to trick you into giving out personal information.

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Navigating the types of spam risk calls

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, understanding the various types of spam risk calls is essential for individuals and businesses alike. These unwanted and potentially dangerous calls can wreak havoc on productivity, compromise sensitive information, and even result in financial loss.

There are many types of spam risk calls:


Telemarketing calls are made by sales representatives trying to sell a product or service over the phone. While not all telemarketing calls are malicious, they can be unwanted and unsolicited. These calls can particularly frustrate small business owners, as they interrupt work and consume valuable time.


Individuals make scam calls with malicious intent to deceive their targets into stealing money or personal information. Small businesses may receive calls from scammers posing as government agencies, tech support, or vendors in an attempt to defraud them. Unfortunately, these scam calls can lead to financial loss if the business owner falls for the scam.


Robocalls are automated, pre-recorded phone calls that can deliver a variety of messages, from sales pitches to political campaigns. These calls are often made using autodialers, which can send out thousands of calls in a short amount of time. While some robocalls may be legitimate, many are associated with scams or unwanted solicitations, making them a significant nuisance for small businesses.

Phishing calls

Phishing calls are phone calls where the caller tries to trick the recipient into divulging sensitive personal or financial information. These callers may impersonate banks, credit card companies, or other trusted entities to gain access to the target's information.

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Assessing the risks: how spam calls threaten small businesses

Spam callers are one of the most significant issues facing businesses today. These calls can be extremely disruptive and costly, often resulting in missed sales opportunities or lower customer satisfaction.

The main reason why spam callers target businesses is that they are more likely to answer the phone. This is because most businesses run on a tight schedule and must get through their customer base as quickly as possible.

Additionally, spam calls often waste time for employees who spend their day answering pointless questions or dealing with unwanted calls from strangers. When this happens, it can significantly drain productivity and lower morale at work—especially when the same thing happens repeatedly over long periods.

Bigger jackpot

Spam callers often target larger businesses because they have more money than smaller ones—thus, successful scams will net the scammers a bigger payout.

Much more likely to answer

Since businesses tend to have multiple people working in shifts, they're much less likely to know everyone's phone numbers than an individual would be. This means that even if you've called every employee individually and none of them picked up, there's still a good chance one will pick up when you call the main office number.

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