The robocall problem in the United States is now an epidemic, but we are fighting back. This page shows you how the problem affects you, and how together we can solve the problem with Answer Bots – RoboKiller's army of spam fighting robots.

3.5 Billion

Total telemarketing & robocalls made to mobile phones last month in the United States

Did you know?

85% of all telemarketing & robocalls occur during weekdays between 8 AM - 8 PM.

Volume of spam and robocalls per weekday:

In fact, in the US, there are:


Spam & robocalls made every second


Spam & robocalls made every minute


Spam & robocalls made every day

38 Billion 38 Billion calls

phone calls are made every month in the United States.

1 out of 10 calls

phone calls is from a telemarketer, robocaller, or scammer.

That means, if you didn’t receive a robocall today, you’re likely to get one


57% of spam calls received in the US originate from other countries. In 2017 the IRS Robocall Scam was the most pervasive scam.


IRS Robocall Scam

Bangalore, India

$15 million USD stolen per year


Caller ID is spoofed to mask the spammer's identity. Auto-dialer services then route the fake call through various phone numbers over VoIP servers.

Calling As


Re-routing creates the appearance spammers are calling from legitimate phone numbers in your area code.

Among other things,Robocallers want to steal your time.

Minutes spent with spammers


Minutes spent on the phone with spammers per month

Minutes spend on phone per year


Minutes spent on the phone with spammers per year*

*That’s more than a full day of paid vacation!

The reason why spam and robocallers are in the business is because the economics work.

Coin stacks

$438 Million

Spent per year

$9.5 Billion

Earned per year

That's a profit margin of 2,069%
Robokiller Robots

RoboKiller Fights Back

With RoboKiller, you solve the spam call problem for yourself.

Robokiller App

One RoboKiller user has a BIG impact on the fight against spam + robocalls

Calls blocked


Calls blocked from ringing per year

Prevented losses


In prevented losses from phone scams per year

Minutes wasted


Spammer Minutes wasted by Answer Bots per year

Extra costs to spammers


Extra costs to spammers per year

When RoboKiller hits 1 million users, spammers & robocallers are in serious financial trouble.

1,000,000RoboKiller Users


$80,000,000Projected Annual Losses

Answer Bots are already doing a great job wasting spammers time!Hear them in action below:

Roboradio emojis

What’s on:

Answer Bot

Wait, so what are Answer Bots?

Answer Bots are robots that answer unwanted calls for RoboKiller users. These hilarious recordings find the human telemarketers behind the calls and waste their time.


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We made RoboKiller because we hate spam calls as much as you do.

Spam calls are an annoying and difficult problem, but our unique experience allows us to stop them once and for all.

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