Robocalls Interfered With His Startup, Until He Got Revenge


Smartphone Users Are Finally Fighting Back Against Robocalls

Miss an important phone call or answer a robocall? This is the choice most Americans face when their phone rings.

But there’s a third option smartphone users are turning to: getting revenge.

That’s the choice Noel Rabinowitz made.

Noel is building a startup of high end, portable boomboxes. Like many small businesses, he uses his personal phone for his company. But robocalls started interfering with his business.

As a startup, he wants to be as accessible to potential and current customers as much as possible, but robocalls were creating problems, distracting him from building his business and making him hesitant to answer his phone. Often, he’d answer a call only to get a credit scam robocall.

Noel’s experience is one nearly every U.S. resident has had. There are calls we need to answer, like your child’s school or a doctor. However, the odds that one of them is a robocall are increasing daily.

Rather than let robocalls interfere with his business, Noel decided to get revenge in the form of RoboKiller and Answer Bots.

Why Are So Many People Inundated By Robocalls?

The real reason robocalls have gone from annoying to an epidemic is the lopsided economics of robocalls. Sure, scammers, fraudsters, con artists, and telemarketers are also to blame. But the reason they can spam innocent people comes down to money.

Robocalls cost less than $0.01 per minute which enables scammers to make more than 2,700 calls every second to U.S residents. That adds up to 118 Million spam and robocalls made every single day.

And because robocalls are so cheap to make, spammers can afford to spend $438 million each year knowing they’ll make $9.5 billion annually in profit (over 2,000% profit).

The question is this: How do you tip the scales when financial favor rests on the side of robocalls?

The answer: You get revenge with Answer Bots.

Noel Used Answer Bots to get Revenge

For the humans behind the robocalls who do the actual scamming, time is money. This means the best way to get revenge (and end robocalls for good) is to waste their time.

Some people try to get revenge on their own, and we salute their courageous work. Unfortunately, the 4.5 billion robocalls made each month are too many to handle alone.

Like many people, Noel turned to RoboKiller and Answer Bots to stop the spam calls and get even.

When RoboKiller automatically intercepts a robocall, hilarious and realistic Answer Bots automatically talk to the caller, who doesn’t realize they aren’t speaking with a real person.

Answer Bots aren’t just satisfying; they’re effective. It’s hilarious and fun to hear an Answer Bot wasting a spammer’s time, but every minute they’re wasting is a minute that telemarketer can’t spend scamming someone else.

In January alone, Answer Bots wasted more than 15,000 hours of scammers’ time.

Looking Forward to Robocalls

Because of RoboKiller, Noel’s robocalls have stopped. The only thing he hears from robocalls now are the recordings from Answer Bots messing with scammers.

Whether you’re a business owner, parent, senior citizen, or anyone else who gets robocalls, Answer Bots will have you looking forward to getting robocalls.

If you want to stop robocalls and get revenge too, try RoboKiller free for 7 days.

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