How to Stop Debt Collection Robocalls, For Good.

how to stop debt collector calls

Here’s How to Stop Harassment from Debt Collection Robocalls, For Good.

If you have ever received a call from a debt collector, you understand just how unpleasant the experience can be.

Debt collectors don’t care about you or your situation. They don’t care if the debt is in error, or if you fell on hard times; they want you to pay either way (after all that is how they get paid). But regardless of the circumstances, they are not allowed to bully you, period.

In this post, we will cover how you can fight back against bullish debt collectors and debt collection robocalls.

Debt Collectors Have More Bark Than Bite

Even though debt collectors do have certain rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), your rights not to be harassed over your phone are even stronger.

For starters, you are not required by law to interact directly with the debt collector that interrupted your dinner yesterday, especially over the phone.

If you believe the creditor is calling about a legitimate debt you wish to pay, you can stop collection calls by requesting written communication as the form of resolving the matter. Debt collectors must abide by this request, calling you again would be a violation of the law. If you continue to receive these calls after this request, you should utilize phone recording services to provide hard evidence of harassment.

Debt Collectors play on your emotions. Try to stay neutral.

You may feel guilty or embarrassed about the possibility of not being able to pay your bills. The collector absolutely is aware of this fact, despite how much you try to hide it over the phone, they will try to take advantage of that in any way possible.

The key to managing emotions is to treat the conversation as strictly business. A debt collector’s entire strategy is to play on your feelings of guilt, anxiety, and fear. Remaining calm will throw them off their game and give you the upper hand. 

Debt Collectors are No Different from Telemarketers

Contrary to some belief, debt collectors are not the mob and there is no legal obligation to communicate with them directly.

Despite their brazen confidence, debt collectors are held accountable to the same FCC telemarketing rules & restrictions as all other business-related calls.

Much like spam calls, you hold the right and power to opt-out of debt collection calls by communicating you do not consent to the call.

So, What Else Can You Do to Stop Debt Collection Calls?

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