How to Register for The Do Not Call List: A Step-By-Step Guide

do not call list

Looking to register on the Do Not Call List to stop spam calls?  Here’s how.

The National Do Not Call Registry is a do not call list that legitimate companies are required to honor.

If you add your phone numbers to the list you will stop legitimate telemarketers from calling your submitted numbers.  

This guide shows you exactly how to securely add your phone numbers to the FTC’s system, and how to then solve the problem completely by signing up for RoboKiller. 

Warning: Adding your numbers to the Do Not Call List alone will only stop a small fraction of unwanted spam calls, because most robocalls and telemarketer calls are made illegally and do not comply with the registry. 

How to Register on the Do Not Call List, a Step by Step Guide. 

Step 1: Visit or

These are official registration pages for the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry.

Step 2: Tap the”Register Your Phone” or  “Register a Phone Number” icons

Both websites take you to the same registration screen, but the links will look different depending on which website you enter from.

                                        The link on looks like this:                                    The link on the FTC’s page looks like this:

get on the do not call list

Step 3: Choose the “Register Your Phone” Option

The screen you are taken to allows you to verify a number you have registered previously, but you will want to select the option that looks like this to add new numbers:

do not call list

Step 4: Enter The Phone Numbers you want to add to the Do Not Call List in the provided fields

The submission screen is a three-step process.  On this first screen, you can enter up to three phone numbers you wish to add to the registry simultaneously.  We suggest you at least add your mobile number and home phone number.

IMPORTANT:  You must enter your email address twice on the form to submit.

do not call list

Step 5: Confirm that your Information is accurate

The next screen displays the information you submitted so you can make sure it is correct.  Check all the information carefully, then tap register.

do not call list

You will see the following confirmation page, but note you still have additional steps to complete.

do not call list

Step 6: Open the TWO emails you receive and click on the links as instructed

In order to complete the registration, you must open both of the emails you receive from [email protected] and click on the links:

do not call list

Step 7: Add Protection to your phone with RoboKiller

As noted, because the vast majority of spam calls are illegal, and the Do Not Call Registry only protects you from legal robocallers and telemarketers, we highly recommend you install RoboKiller on your iPhone.  RoboKiller automatically blocks more than 100,000 spam calls from ringing, even if the calls come from spoofed caller IDs.  RoboKiller is available here in the App Store

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